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The Abandoned Building is a location seen in Underworld: Awakening. What the building was once used for is unknown, however, it may have once been part of a subway system. The building is largely draped in tattered plastic sheets, and abandoned hoses and equipment are scattered about. In the past few years, Lycans have begun living in the vicinity of the abandoned building.

The abandoned building is likely located near to Antigen's headquarters, which are possibly located in Hungary.

Underworld: Awakening

David runs through the abandoned building

Selene enters the abandoned building after following a vision that she believes may have come from her lover, Michael Corvin. She is followed into the building by David, one of the few remaining Vampires who has an interest in Selene. Once inside the building, Selene confronts David, and the two then chase down another vision. Instead of finding Michael, the pair discover a young girl, who is later revealed to be Selene's daughter.

The three then flee the building in the wake of angered Lycans who have an active interest in kidnapping the child.

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