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Interns pretty much work 'round the clock. We don't have much of a life.

—Adam Lockwood

Adam Lockwood is a minor character in Underworld.


Adam is a American intern doctor who works with Michael Corvin at the Saint Istvan Hospital in Budapest. He is present when Michael comes in with an injured woman who was shot in a subway shootout, and he shows concern that Michael is clearly shaken up by the day's events.

Later, Adam is approached by two policemen, Pierce and Taylor, who are actually Lycans in disguise. They question him about the whereabouts of Michael, but all Adam knows is that Michael has already left work. Worried, he calls Michael and leaves a message on his answering machine. At the time that he calls him, a Vampire named Selene is in Michael's apartment, and she hears the message. She immediately deduces that the two police officers are Lycans, and she attacks Michael, who had arrived home in time to hear the message, demanding to know what the Lycans want with him.

Adam is confronted by Michael.

Michael returns to the hospital after being bitten by Lucian, the Lycan who sent Pierce and Taylor to find him earlier. He asks Adam to tend to his wounds in secret, and Adam agrees. Adam is surprised by Michael's insistence that a man bit him, as the wound on his shoulder is similar to that of a dog bite. As Adam does not know about the war between Vampires and Lycans, he thinks Michael might be losing his mind. Concerned for Michael's mental state, Adam flags down Pierce and Taylor, and informs them that Michael is in the hospital. Michael sees them coming and flees the building.

What happens to Adam afterwards is never revealed, but it is likely that he went on to live a normal life, without any further dealings with the Immortals.

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