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Subject 1 has broken free. We need to flash-burn immediately.

—Alan, talking to Jacob Lane

Alan is a human scientist that works for Antigen that appears in Underworld: Awakening. It isn't known if Alan was aware of the company's true agenda.

Underworld: Awakening

Alan is first introduced when the Vampiress Selene escapes her Cryogenic Chamber. Alan, along with Jacob Lane, the director of Antigen, and his coworker Lida, rushes to see what happened when he catches wind of the disturbance. Alan releases sleeping gas into Selene's experiment room, intending to knock her unconscious.

Instead, Selene flees her room and confronts him by crashing through the ceiling behind him. She begins to choke him and questions him about Michael Corvin and to the nature of the facility she is currently trapped in, but another scientist stabs her before Alan can be forced to answer her questions. Angered, Selene drops Alan and flees the room.

Alan's fate is never touched upon. As he does not die when attacked by Selene, it is plausible that he may have later died when Selene bombs the facility to gain access to her kidnapped daughter.

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