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You’ve been given an enzyme to stop the Change. It may take a little time for the grogginess to dissipate.

—Lucian, commenting on the Anti-Change Enzyme

The Anti-Change Enzyme is an enzyme designed to stop and delay the Change into the Wolf form of Lycans. The enzyme was created/isolated by a Lycan scientist, Singe, and is used as a painless alternative to silver in order to postpone the change of a Lycan caused by the full moon.

Its counterpart is Thasarine, a drug developed by Vampire researchers to arrest a Lycan’s regression from their Wolf form, so that they can be studied further after death in their Wolf forms.


  • This serum is alluded to in the non-canon novelization, Blood Enemy[1].


  1. "A sharp pain jabbed [Lucian] in the side of the neck. He reached for his throat and yanked out a hypodermic needle from his jugular. A foul-smelling green fluid dripped from the hollow silver needle at the tip of the dart. It smelled vaguely like the serum his own kind used to dose newly converted Lycans who couldn't yet control their transformations." ~ Blood Enemy novelization, chapter 13
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