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Antigen Headquarters is the base of operations for the powerful bio-engineering company Antigen. Within Antigen HQ, experiments are carried out on Vampires and Hybrids, with the ultimate goal of making the Lycans resistant to silver. While most people believe Antigen is run by humans, the company is actually headed by Lycans, who want to use Antigen's experiments to help them after the depletion of their numbers caused by the Purges. It is unknown if this is the only facility owned by Antigen, or if it is simply the main building.

Underworld: Awakening

Antigen Headquarters is the location where the Vampire Death Dealer Selene is taken after being captured along with her Hybrid lover, Michael Corvin. Upon the arrival of Selene and Michael at the facility, Antigen scientists discover that Selene is already pregnant with a Hybrid child. The child is born while Selene and Michael remain in cryogenic stasis, with Antigen intending to use the child's DNA in their experiments.

The night before the child is due to be killed and vivisected, she escapes the facility, freeing her mother in the process. Selene kills several of Antigen's guards before escaping the building by jumping out a window and onto a moving truck.

Quint Lane inside Antigen HQ.

Later, the child is caught and returned, and sleeping gas is used to sedate her so she can be operated on. Before the operation can begin, Selene arrives and attacks the facility, setting off multiple Silver Nitrate Bombs to kill the building's Lycan guards. Most of the building is destroyed in Selene's attack, and Antigen's president, Jacob Lane, is killed, along with his son, Quint.

At the end of the film, police sirens are heard approaching Antigen Headquarters, while Selene, Eve and a Vampire named David escape. Michael also escapes the facility after Selene weakens his cryogenic chamber, allowing him to break free.

After the destruction of the facility at the hands of Selene and the escape of three of Antigen's most important captives, it is unclear what will become of the company or its headquarters.

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