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Apartment 510 is Michael Corvin's place of residence during the time he lives in Budapest.


Selene attacks Michael in Apartment 510.

In Underworld, Michael's address is shown to be "Apartment 510, Block 3B, Laktos Joszef 39 ut."

According to the first novelization, Michael's apartment is located on the top floor of a five-story apartment building, which is located within walking distance of the metro station he takes to work. The apartment is observed as being "exactly the sort of low-rent lodgings where [one] would expect to find a struggling medical student."

Selene, a Vampire who has an interest in Michael, breaks into the apartment to find more information on the medical student. Michael returns home while Selene his searching his apartment, but escapes her grasp when Lycans attack the building. He is later caught by Lucian on the bottom floor and is bitten, infecting Michael with the Lycanthropy virus.

Underworld: Evolution

Michael's apartment is mentioned briefly in the novelization of Underworld: Evolution, noting that the Cleaners had gone to the apartment and cleaned up evidence of the presence of the Immortal species.

Underworld: Awakening

The address of Michael's apartment is seen on screen while Michael Corvin is unaware that IPU SWAT teams are lying in wait to ambush him at Pier 9.


  • Selene notes in her sweep of Michael's apartment that the apartment reminds her of her own living quarters at the Vampire mansion.[1]


  1. "That was not the only thing she had in common with Corvin. Like her own rooms back at Ördögház, the human's apartment had a stark, utilitarian feel. The sparse furniture was functional, not decorative, and the barren, off-white walls offered little insight into the American's personality and tastes. The bland, featureless apartment almost could have passed as a hotel room." ~ Underworld novelization, chapter 8
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