The Belfry is a belfry in the city of Paris that makes an appearance at the beginning of all three episodes of Underworld: Endless War.

Part IEdit

In 1890, Selene is shown as being stationed at this belfry while investigating reports of three Lycan brothers who own a mansion the Vampires have an interest in. From up here, Selene spots Darius, one of the brothers, and the oldest of the three. While on the belfry, she receives a letter from a bat, which contains a drawing of the three brothers.

Part IIEdit

In 1967, the younger of the remaining two Lycan brothers, Krandrill, spots Selene on the belfry.

Part IIIEdit

In 2012, an IPU sniper is stationed up in the same belfry, observing the reactions of people who are being stopped at road blocks while they are tested for either Vampirism or Lycanthropy.

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