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Brother Ambrose is an antagonistic character seen in the non-canon novel, Blood Enemy.


A human monk, Brother Ambrose's monastery was attacked and almost totally destroyed by a group of marauding Lycans, with Ambrose being the only survivor. Driven nearly mad with grief and rage over the attack, Brother Ambrose mistakenly blamed the Vampires for the deaths of his brethren, and mounted an attack on the Vampire stronghold, demonstrating a strong charisma and a surprising grasp of battle tactics, despite his clerical background.

Blood Enemy

Although his first attempt to attack the Vampire castle in daylight is thwarted when Lycan slave Lucian awakens a group of bats living within the castle, causing the superstitious peasants to believe that the bats are the Vampires themselves, his second attempt is more successful. With a direct assault on the vampires having proven impractical, Brother Ambrose leads his makeshift army to attack a stone towered keep where the Vampires are planning to rest for the day during their trip to Ördögház for Viktor's Awakening.

Having killed the vampires and Lycan servants stationed at the tower already, the peasants take the Vampires and Lycans by surprise when they arrive there as the sun begins to rise. Although Brother Ambrose's army succeed in killing most of the party, among them Ilona, the wife of Viktor, Soren, Lucian and Sonja are able to escape, with Soren retreating to an unspecified hiding place while Lucian and Sonja spend the day in the catacombs of Brother Ambrose's old monastery, each of them making it to Ördögház by sunrise the following night.

A month later, the now-awakened Viktor tracks Ambrose down to his hiding place of the village of Strasba, allowing his forces to ransack the village while he, Lucian and Kraven confront Brother Ambrose himself. Despite Brother Ambrose's attempts to fight them off with silver and holy water, Viktor dismisses his feeble efforts, overtaking and biting him, grimly stating that he was giving Ambrose a better chance than the monk gave his wife.

Although he had intended to force Brother Ambrose to work as his permanent servant if he survived the infection of the Vampire virus, Brother Ambrose proves instead to be extremely vulnerable to the deadly Vampirism virus, and he quickly dies at Viktor's feet within minutes of having been bitten. Viktor grimly notes that this is no real loss, as he felt no desire to look for eternity upon Ambrose's repulsive countenance.


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