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The Budapest Coven is a Coven of Vampires located in or near Budapest.


Prior to being sent to the Nordic Coven, Semira was the Regent of the Budapest Coven. The Budapest Coven was destroyed before the events of Underworld: Blood Wars. Semira kept urns of the Budapest Coven members in her private chambers at the Eastern Coven. In the Blood Wars comic, it was mentioned that the Lycans took gold from the Budapest Coven after its destruction.


  • Semira (Regent, formerly)
  • Vasilly †
  • Klara †
  • Orban †
  • Sandor †
  • Zoltan †
  • Balazs †
  • Zsofia †


  • It is unknown whether the Budapest Coven is the same as the Old World Coven.