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Casmir Janosh was a wealthy Hungarian noble who owned a large silver mine in the Underworld series, as well as one of Viktor's wealthiest vassals, according to the Rise of the Lycans novelization.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

A few nights after the events that led to Lucian's incarceration, Janosh and his servants arrived at the Vampire stronghold with caskets that were filled with silver coins. They were presented to the entire council and other Vampires who were in attendance.


Janosh reported to Viktor that his mines had been overrun by wild werewolves, and his workers were turned in the process. Viktor attempts to secure half the rights to Janosh's mine for himself but is reprimanded by Janosh, whose greed overcame his good sense in the heat of the moment, claiming that Viktor has taken too much from him already. Janosh attempts to get the other Nobles to stand with him, citing why should he and everyone else be paying tributes to the Coven when the Coven couldn't seem to protect themselves either. He also brings up the fate of Baron Covasha and his family, whose funeral pyres had not been missed by the arriving nobles.

Janosh also brings up openly what was already known/suspected by them; that the Coven was "no more Human than the devils that invade [the lands]." At this comment of Janosh's, an enraged Viktor springs from his throne and grabs the unsuspecting noble by his throat, throwing him head-first across the room, thus fracturing his skull open on a nearby canopy, killing him instantly.

His body is then dragged away by the Death Dealers as the Vampires prepare to hibernate during the fast-approaching daylight hours. According to the novelization, Janosh's body was fed to the Lycans. When Lucian, having been imprisoned earlier, realizes that the meat he's eating is human rather than a horse, he could only wonder "what some mortal had done to end up on [the Lycans'] menu. Whom had Viktor literally fed to the dogs?"

What became of Casmir Janosh's silver mines, in light of the Lycan uprising, is unknown.


  • According to the novelization, Janosh's full name is "Casmir Janosh."
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