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Coloman was a Vampire member of the Vampire Council during the Middle Ages and holds the title "Lord" among the Vampire Nation. He was one of Marcus's closest allies as well as favourites within the Coven, alongside Orsova. He was, most of the time, in opposition to Viktor's politics, which caused frequent arguments between the two, although Viktor considered him a minor nuisance. Coloman appears in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Along with Orsova, Coloman is known for pointing out the Vampire Elder Viktor's faults. He is frequently seen taking the council floor during the events of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He often tries to trick Viktor into saying things that would create opposition against him. However, Viktor is wise to his ways, and considers Coloman to be little more than a nuisance. Coloman often complains about the attitude of Viktor's daughter, Sonja, who holds little interest in performing her duties as a member of the Council, preferring to hunt and kill Werewolves instead. Within the Coven, he is the greatest threat to Viktor's power. It could be noted that his way of acting bears resemblance to that of an opposition or watchdog media. Despite his opposition to Viktor, he also dislikes the idea of the blending of the two immortal species.

According to the Rise of the Lycans novelization, Coloman is a favourite of the Vampire Elder Marcus Corvinus along with Orsova. Had it not been for Marcus's friendship, Viktor would have banished Coloman years ago, which also possibly contributes to Coloman's bold opposition of Viktor's leadership. He is described as a boyar, a member of the nobility one step lower than princes.

When the Lycans and Werewolves led by Lucian, storm the Vampires' castle, Coloman is killed along with the other Council members, somewhat confirming Viktor's earlier remark that the dangers of the Council Chamber are no less than those outside the walls.


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  • Coloman the Learned was king of Hungary and Croatia around the turn of the 12th century until his death in 1116. One of the laws enacted by King Coloman prohibited persecution of vampires (because they “do not exist”)[1]. Vampire Councilman Coloman may have been named after or inspired by King Coloman.



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