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The Covasha family awaiting the Werewolves’ attack

The Covasha family consists of the Baron Covasha, his wife the Baroness, and their daughter Natalya. They are wealthy Hungarian nobles, among Viktor’s wealthiest vassals in the early fifteenth century, during the events of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. The Baron is portrayed by Mark Mitchinson. The Baroness is portrayed by Geraldine Brophy, and Natalya is portrayed by Eleanor Williams.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

The Baron Covasha, his family, and his tribute to Lord Viktor and the Coven (a tribute which included a collection of slaves, including Raze), were on their way to Castle Corvinus when they were met by an escort of Death Dealers, including Lord Viktor's daughter, the Lady Sonja. On their approach to the Castle, they were caught in an ambush by feral Werewolves, who had dug a crude network of tunnels under the ground in readiness for the incoming party. The Death Dealers were quickly outmatched, and all but Sonja were killed.

Baron Covasha attempts to protect his family from the Werewolf attack

In the film, the Baron is pulled through the roof of their carriage by a Werewolf and is presumably killed instantly. The fates of the Baroness and Natalya are not shown.

In the novelization, one Werewolf made its way in and the Baron sacrificed himself as a human shield in an attempt to protect his family. His sacrifice, however, came to naught, as next his wife likewise sacrificed herself as a human shield in an attempt to protect their daughter, Natalya. His wife’s sacrifice, too, came to naught, as their daughter was killed last.

After the Werewolves were driven back by Lucian, the bodies of the Baron’s family and the fallen slaves were ordered to be burned by Lord Viktor. Their funeral pyres were still seen by all of the other nobles who were also travelling to Castle Corvinus with tribute for Viktor and the Coven. Casmir Janosh, a fellow Noble, brought up the fact that Baron Covasha and his convoy were not safe and their fate not kept from the others when he argues against Viktor demanding half the rights to Janosh’s silver mine when Werewolves had overran it, before Viktor killed Janosh.

After escaping Viktor, Lucian has Raze, one of the family's slaves, lead him back to their estate to free the other slaves and recruit them to fight in the Vampire-Lycan War.


  • Although his name is mentioned once in the film, the Baron Covasha was simply credited as “Nobleman”. The Baroness was credited as “Noblewoman”, and Natalya was credited as “Teenage Girl”.
  • According to the novelization, Natalya was nearly 16 years old at the time of her death at the Werewolves’ jaws.
  • The scenes with Natalya and her parents are all featured in chapters 6 and 7 of the novelization, and are all told from Natalya’s point-of-view.
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