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This article contains quotes and extracts from throughout the franchise about/pertaining to David.

Underworld: Awakening

  • (To Selene) "We're the same."
  • (To Selene) "We monitor the police frequencies."
  • (To Selene) "They've been hiding down here for years, like rats, ever since the Purge. Diseased and starving, they rarely show themselves above ground, which means that something has got them riled up... Something you're not telling me..."
  • (To Selene) "Hurry, Selene! They're getting in the back!"
  • (To Selene) "The girl! They're taking her!"
  • "Come on! Fucking piece of shit!"
  • (To Selene) "We have a doctor who can help her, at our Coven."
  • "Get Olivia, at once!"
  • (In Russian, to Thomas) "She was attacked. She is not healing!"
  • (To Thomas) "Yes. But it was we who betrayed her, father."
  • (To Selene) "I used to hear stories of the Death Dealers. That they were a... thing of the past, never to return. I'm glad they were wrong."
  • (To Selene) "You're a fighter. We could use more like you to teach us."
  • (To Selene) "There was a time where he would have. That's why he dislikes you so much, I think it... it reminds him of the days when he defended us with fire and steel, rather than hollow words, he knows how much we need you."
  • (To Selene) "But you fight for what you believe in. You always have."
  • (To Selene) "But you haven't changed, I saw it in your eyes when you looked at the child. You will protect her, it's in your blood. It's who you are!"
  • (To Selene) "When you leave, take me with you."
  • (To Selene) "My father says that, should we survive as a species, these relics will help our descendants know who we were and how we lived."
  • (To Selene) "That if we continue to live as we do now, then we disgrace the past, and don't deserve a future. We must resist the humans; wherever and whenever possible."
  • (To Thomas) "This isn't prudence, it's cowardice, plain and simple."
  • (To Thomas) "How dare you... do so little!"
  • "Prepare the armory!"
  • "No! We stand! And we fight!"
  • "Let's go! Munitions! Let's go!"
  • "Silver ammunitions! Now!"
  • (To Jacob Lane) "Get away from her!"
  • (To Selene) "There's a safe house not far from here."

Underworld: Blood Wars

  • (To Selene) "You are an extremely difficult person to keep track of."
  • (To Selene) "Any word with Michael?"
  • (To Selene) "I'm not tracking you. I'm looking for Eve."
  • (To Selene) "The Lycans have a new leader."
  • (To Selene) "Well, the least you can do is attempt to sound reassuring."
  • (To Selene) "That will have to do."
  • (To Selene) "I know you want to protect her. And if we destroy Marius we destroy the greatest threat to her safety."
  • (To Selene) "Why do you insist on saying you've lost her?"