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Our noble houses may be separated by a great ocean, but we are equally committed to the survival of the bloodlines.

—Dmitri, addressing the Vampire Covens.

Dmitri was a Vampire Dignitary, acting as Amelia's envoy upon her return from the New World Coven. He briefly appears in Underworld.


Dmitri arrives at the Old World Coven's mansion two days before Amelia and the Vampire Council. He gives a toast to the Vampires gathered, proclaiming that they may live on different continents but as they are all committed to the Vampires' preservation, they will once again be as one Coven with the upcoming Awakening of a Vampire Elder. As he proceeds to thank their hosts, the Coven's Regent, Kraven, is whispered to by Erika and abruptly leaves.

As the night wears on, Dmitri becomes more and more concerned about the absence of Amelia, spurring him to eventually bring his worries to Weapons Master Kahn.

Underworld: Evolution

His whereabouts are never explored in Underworld: Evolution, but it can be assumed that he was probably killed during the raid and burning down of the mansion by Marcus Corvinus.

Physical Description

Dmitri has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has a goatee and wore a ring on his right hand. In the first novelization, he was described as gaunt, epicene, and ageless.


Dmitri wears a blue tuxedo and a red silk sash.


  • In the novelization of Underworld, Dmitri says "Vitam et Sanguinem" after raising a toast to the other Vampires. This is Latin for "Life and Blood", and is the motto of the Vampire Nation.
  • There is a distinct possibility that Dmitri was Amelia's chosen Regent for her affairs and estate for when she went into hibernation.
  • In the first novelization, it was mentioned by Kraven that Dmitri is the eldest of Amelia's envoys.


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