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Gregor is a Lycan and member of Marius's Army following the Purges.

Underworld: Blood Wars

At the beginning of the film, Gregor and a group of Lycans were seen chasing Selene, with orders to capture her alive. They managed to ambush her, but fail after being overpowered by her superior abilities. Injured, Gregor, was still able to shoot David in the stomach with a modern tracer bullet. Selene spared his life and told him to pass a message along to Marius: he would never find Eve because not even Selene knew where she was. The Lycan attempted to answer back, but Selene shot both of his feet. Marius chastised Gregor for failing to apprehend Selene, but he appeared to be glad that he was competent enough to put a tracer on David.

Later Gregor and a small squad of Lycans were able to trace Selene's location at one vampire's safe house, but when they arrived, she and David had already left with Alexia and some death dealers, heading to the Eastern Coven. Gregor once again reported his failure to Marius, that shown to be very annoyed by it.

Gregor alongside Marius during the Lycan attack at the Eastern Coven

Gregor can be seen fighting alongside Marius during the Lycan invasion at the Nordic Coven. During the battle, he attempts to attack Selene, but she just shoves Gregor aside in favor of fighting Marius. Gregor quickly shoots and kills two Nordic Vampires that rush out of a nearby doorway and survives to retreat. He also fights in the Eastern Coven battle. After Selene, Lena, and the Nordic vampires arrive at the battle, Marius, enraged, uses his battle cry, ordering Gregor and the other Lycans to change into their wolf form.

It's unknown if Gregor survived and left with the remaining Lycans after Marius's defeat.

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