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The blonde was Olga. The brunette was Gurshenka. Or perhaps it was the other way around.

—Narration from Underworld: Evolution novelization

Grushenka was a Vampire who was one of two lovers of Andreas Tanis, the other being Olga. She appears in Underworld: Evolution. She is listed in the cast list as "Tanis Vamp #1".


Sometime after the banishing of Andreas Tanis in the 1700s by the Vampire Elder Viktor, Tanis sought to find women to keep him company. At some point, he was gifted with Grushenka and Olga by Lucian, a powerful Lycan ally of Tanis. He makes the women into Vampires, and the three spend their time taking part in blood-fueled orgies. Despite their time together, Tanis does not remember which one of them is Grushenka, and which is Olga..

Underworld: Evolution

During one of their threesomes, the alarm in the Monastery the three Vampires share begins to sound, and Tanis rushes to see what tripped it. Upon seeing the Death Dealer Selene and her Hybrid lover, Michael Corvin, Tanis seeks to have the pair killed by a small group of Lycans under his control. When that fails, he sends Grushenka and Olga to deal with Selene. The two girls willingly follow Tanis orders and confidently walk down the halls to kill the intruder both Vampires attack her at once, Selene easily kills them both. Grushenka's neck is broken in half during the fight.

Later, Tanis carries the bodies of Grushenka and Olga to the lair beneath the monastery, to leave them as food for his Lycan bodyguards.



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