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This article is for the character seen in the non-canon novel, Blood Enemy. For the character in Underworld: Evolution, please see Grushenka.

Grushenka was a character in the non-canon novel Blood Enemy. She is a Lycan who works as a laundress for the Vampires. Grushenka does not exist in the official canon of the Underworld series.

Blood Enemy

When Lycan slave Lucian and Vampire princess Sonja begin a secret love affair, Grushenka is initially the only other person to be aware that anything is happening. Sonja uses her to send notes to Lucian in order to arrange meetings without arousing the suspicions of other Vampires.

After Lucian and Sonja's tryst is discovered, Sonja's father, the Vampire Elder Viktor sets out to find out who else was aware of the relationship, culminating in Soren torturing Grushenka to make her reveal her role in aiding in their "indiscretions". It is unclear if Soren began questioning her because he legitimately thought that she had information or if he just selected her so that he could have someone to torture. Although Grushenka begs for mercy, claiming that she only obeyed her mistress's orders and had no idea about the content of the letters, Viktor nevertheless makes an example of her by having her drawn and quartered in the courtyard that night.


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