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Helena Corvinus is the mother of Immortals William and Marcus Corvinus, as well as an unnamed mortal son. She is the wife of the first Immortal, Alexander Corvinus, and a member of the Corvinus Clan by marriage. By the events of Underworld: Evolution, Alexander Corvinus is shown to have named his ship, the Sancta Helena, after her.


Little is known about her except that she is already deceased for centuries by the time of the events in Underworld and Evolution.[1]

Statue of Helena

She most likely was born and died sometime in the 5th century, as Alexander muses to himself in the Underworld: Evolution novelization that he was grateful that she had died before she could have seen the monsters that her twin sons had both become. This means that Helena lived a mortal life and that she died before Marcus became the first Vampire and William the first Werewolf.

There is a statue of a muse on the Sancta Helena carved in her image.



  1. "[Corvinus] turned to look at the elegant face of the massive carving behind him. The Muse's divine countenance was modeled on that of Helena, his long-dead wife and the mother of his children. He was grateful that she did not live to see the monsters their sons had become." ~ Evolution novelization, chapter 19
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