India Joy Eisley is an American actress best known for playing Ashley Juergens in the ABC Family teen dram The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Life and careerEdit

India Joy Osuna-Eisley was born in California, to musician David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey. She also has a half sister and brother named Alexander Martin and Maxamillion Fuse from her mother's second marriage to Akira Fuse.

Eisley and her mother appeared in the movie Headspace together, India in the role of Martha. After other small roles in various independent films shot primarily in Europe, Eisley gained a major role during the summer of 2008 with The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

In The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Eisley plays Ashley Juergens, who is sister of teen mother Amy Juergens. Her character, Ashley, recently got her GED then left to tour the USA, leaving Eisley free to film other projects.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

Underworld Awakening 09

India Eisley as Eve in Underworld: Awakening.

Eisley appears in Underworld: Awakening as Eve, the daughter of Vampiress Selene and Hybrid Michael Corvin. Interestingly, Eve is only 11–12 years old, whereas Eisley was 18 when she filmed the role.

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