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The Infected Persons Unit (IPU) is a newly-established division of the police or military, meant to handle the business of investigating, identifying and eliminating the "Infected": Vampires and Lycans. They are the group responsible for carrying out the Purges.

Underworld: Endless War, Part III

IPU SWAT teams make their first appearance in part 3 of Endless War, in light of the discovery of two Immortal species. They are shown systematically testing drivers at roadblocks with AG gas and ultraviolet light to identify and kill any Vampires or Lycans trying to escape the city of Paris. They also have snipers posted up high looking for any signs of unusual activity. The Vampiress Selene goes as far as snapping the neck of one such sniper to prevent him from interfering with a confrontation at the Tati Hotel.

Underworld: Awakening

At the beginning of Awakening, IPU SWAT teams are able to locate and identify Michael Corvin as a Hybrid, and are under orders to bring him in alive. Before they can begin, Selene arrives at Pier 9 to meet up with Michael, sees them ready to attack, and calls out to warn him. They start opening fire at Selene and Michael transforms, but they fire a silver grenade at him with a grenade launcher. While Michael is unaffected by the silver, the close range explosion is enough to stun him and knock him into the river unconscious. While Selene jumps in after him to save him, the IPU SWAT team drops another grenade into the water. As Selene tries to wake up Michael before he drowns, the grenade sinks nearby to them and explodes, rendering Selene unconscious as well. The IPU SWAT team are then ordered to "retrieve the bodies," after which Antigen is given custody of Selene and Michael.


  • "We have begun our second attack wave, using Ultraviolet and Silver Nitrate munitions, which are deadly to the Infected."
  • "Tango Unit moving into position. We have the Hybrid in sight."
  • "Hold your fire. Leave this one alive."


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