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This article is about the Death Dealer from Underworld: Evolution. For the Council member of the Eastern Coven, see Istvan (Council).

Istvan is a minor character from Underworld: Evolution. He is credited as Death Dealer #2.

Underworld: Evolution

In the year 1202, Istvan is a Vampire Death Dealer who accompanies the Vampire Elders to a small village, with the intention of capturing the first Werewolf, William Corvinus. When the Vampires arrive at the village, it has already been destroyed, and all of its citizens lie dead. Istvan and his partner, Radu, enter one of the homes together, intending to burn the bodies of the villagers before they can resurrect as Werewolves.

To their horror, the villagers begin to turn before many of the bodies can be destroyed, causing the village to become overrun by Werewolves. Istvan is the first to warn the other Vampires, after a reanimated corpse jumps to its feet, causing him to scream "They're turning!". Before Istvan or Radu can stop the newly created Werewolf, it crashes through the wall of the house.

The fate of Istvan is never explored, however, he may have died in the raid at the village. Even if he survived that night, he would almost certainly have been killed during the attack on Castle Corvinus two centuries later, which killed off all but a handful of the entire Vampire species. He may also have been killed a few months later, when Lycans were able to kill all of the Death Dealers who attacked the Castle, except for Kraven.

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