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Kosta is a minor character in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Kosta is a Vampire overseer in charge of punishing Lycan slaves if they step out of line or refuse to do as the Vampires wish. He is loyal to the Vampire Elder Viktor at all costs. Kosta holds a strong hatred for all Lycans, and in particular for Lucian, a Lycan who is considered a "favorite pet" of Viktor's. Kosta often has confrontations with Lucian, though his exact reason for hating the Lycan so much is unknown.

Kosta often makes threats against Lucian, and is the one responsible for whipping Lucian after he breaks the rules and removes his collar to save the Vampire princess Sonja from a group of Werewolves.

While checking on the newly-turned Lycans, Kosta is informed that Lucian has already escaped and finds Lucian's cell door broken. Entering the cell, Kosta is attacked by a transformed Lucian who bites into the side of Kosta's face and head, killing him, having escaped his collar with the help of Tanis. After the successful escape of Lucian and several other Lycans, Viktor stands over Kosta's body as he examines Lucian's collar trying to figure out how he escaped.


  • According to the novelization, Kosta was rumored to have had a son who was killed centuries ago by feral Werewolves, and that Kosta took his grief and anger over the loss out on the Lycan slaves.[1]



  1. "Kosta was infamous for his harsh ways and short temper; rumor had it his only son had been killed by a Werewolf centuries ago and he had been taking out his grief and bitterness on the Lycans ever since." ~ Rise of the Lycans novelization, chapter 3
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