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Krandrill's Harem is a collection of French female Lycans, all of whom are attached to Krandrill at one point or another, in the Underworld: Endless War Anime shorts.

Endless War, Part I

In part I, in 1890, Krandrill has two female Lycans hanging off of him and fawning over him in the Paris Mansion when Krandrill's oldest brother, Darius, brings them the news that "a Death Dealer" was on to them. At this news, Krandrill roughly shoves both his females away, after which they both disappear.

Endless War, Part III

Krandrill's Harem in part III.

In part III, in 2012, Krandrill now has a half-dozen Lycan females as his harem, and they are still operating in Paris. It seems that they frequent the Tati Hotel, as a female security guard, working as a informant to Selene lets her know that Krandrill is currently at the Hotel. As Krandrill is engaging in sexual intercourse with one of his females, even scratching her back with his claws as she moans in pleasure/pain, he talks about his intention to kill Selene's "precious hybrid" while she's forced to watch. Krandrill's plan is, having deliberately brought himself Selene and Michael's attention, to lure them back to Paris and into an ambush with his harem backing him up, and kill Michael in front of Selene, before finally killing Selene.

As Michael is approaching the Tati Hotel, Krandrill picks up his scent, transforms, ready to execute the ambush. Krandrill's howl alerts Michael that the element of surprise was gone, spurring Michael to move now, quickly. Michael breaks in through the front door, only to be halted by a half-dozen scantily dressed, armed female Lycans, and a transformed Krandrill. At the sight of this, Michael transforms himself. Half the female Lycans, armed with grappling guns, use them to pin Michael into a wall, while the other half open fire on him. Michael, however, breaks free and proceeds to mow through all of them with his claws, after which Krandrill engages Michael himself. If any of them survived and escaped, their current activities are unknown.


  • Krandrill's Harem only appear in parts I and III; they do not appear in part II.
  • None of Krandrill's harem have any dialogue, but any and all vocalizations were supplied by Laura Harris, Selene's voice actor, who also provides the voice of the female Vampire who gets killed by a IPU team at the beginning of Part III.
  • Krandrill always seems to keep his harem all wearing nothing except the same kind of black panties, stockings, garters and garter belts.
  • It is unknown if the members of Krandrill's harem had been with him over the years/decades, if they have come and gone, or if had lost some over the years and replaced them, if they were already Lycans when he first crossed paths with them, or he had turned them personally.

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