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Levin is a member of the Cleaners, and a member of Samuel's team.

Underworld: Evolution

Levin was one of the Cleaners who accompanies Selene to a abandoned fortress high up in a mountainous valley where William Corvinus's prison was located.

Of the five-man team that accompanied Selene into the dungeon, he was the third to be mauled by William Corvinus.

Levin initially dies from shock trauma and blood loss, but within a few minutes, he begins to revive and Change into a first-generation Werewolf under the full moon. Along with the Werewolves who were Parks and Karl Hapka respectively, (who fully transform, having been mauled earlier), Levin, (although not having completely transformed), surround Selene, putting her in a position where she cannot attack one without leaving herself open to attack from the other two. However, a feral Levin attacks Selene first, and Selene defends herself, stabbing him with her silver hunting knife into his shoulder, incapacitating him, just as a revived Michael Corvin enters the fight killing one of the other Werewolves, giving Selene an opening to use the Uzi automatic still hanging off of his right shoulder to kill the other, before finishing off Levin himself.


  • In the novelization, having only heard Levin's name once in passing, Selene wasn't sure if his name was "Levin" or "Lavant"[1] He is referred to as Levin for the rest of his appearance, Human and Werewolf.


  1. "[Selene] jumped out of the way as a Cleaner crashed down onto the stone floor. The man's face and chest had been torn to ribbons; she could tell in a glance that the man was already dead. ... It troubled her that she couldn't quite remember the Cleaners name. Levin maybe, or Levant." ~ Evolution novelization, chapter 22
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