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Leyba is a character in the non-canon novel Blood Enemy.


A Lycan servant to the Vampires in the Middle Ages, Leyba once had a brief dalliance with Lucian, but Lucian apparently broke the relationship off a long time before the events of the novel, recognizing that she mainly sought a relationship with him simply for his social status as reeve among the servants rather than any attraction to him as a person. Although Leyba continued to attempt to seduce Lucian, she nevertheless recognized his feelings for Sonja, mocking his seemingly hopeless love.

Blood Enemy

When Leyba discovered evidence of Lucian and Sonja's secret relationship, she exposed their deception to Soren, a Vampire, in the hope of ingratiating herself with the Vampires, only for the Vampire Elder Viktor to set fire to her with a nearby torch, hurling her from the parapet to the ground far below his castle. Despite the seemingly fatal injuries she had sustained, Leyba survived, remaining in hiding for centuries to bide her time and wait for an opportunity to gain her revenge on Lucian, blaming him and his rejection of her for the subsequent Vampire/Lycan conflict. Over this time she even acquired a degree of education, such as reading Shakespeare and developing some knowledge of weapons and tactics. Even after hearing reports of his death, Leyba continued to wait for Lucian to expose himself, finally attacking a Lycan weapons deal in Statue Park to draw his attention.

Although Leyba succeeded in capturing Lucian, taking him to the same monastery where he had once hidden with Sonja while escaping a group of mortals, she was subsequently tracked down by a group of Death Dealers, her attack on the park having also resulted in the death of a Death Dealer who was monitoring the exchange. Despite her advanced defenses- Leyba operating on her own rather than relying on others-, Leyba was finally confronted by Selene. Recognizing the similarities between Selene and Sonja, Leyba's rage prompted her to transform, only for Selene's next shot to destroy the petrol tank of the portable flamethrower she was wearing, dousing Leyba with fuel and causing her to burn to death.


  • It is noteworthy that even after over 800-years after her death, Leyba is still comparing herself to Sonja.
  • In many ways, Leyba could be seen as the Lycan counterpart to Erika, both of them being lower-class servants seeking to improve their standings by seducing the higher-ranking members of their species, Lucian and Kraven respectively. However, Leyba is the more proactive of the two, backstabbing Lucian the moment it suited her whereas Erika was in a one-sided delusion of Kraven loving her.


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