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A warning growl escaped her throat. Her hackles rose. Glistening black lips drew back, baring her fangs. She crouched above the bawling infant ... like a mother defending her young?

—Narration from the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans novelization

Lucian's Mother is a minor character in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. She is a female Werewolf enslaved by the Vampires, who is notable for giving birth to Lucian, the first Lycan.


Not much is known about Lucian's mother. At some point, she was bitten and infected by a Werewolf and became one herself. She was at some point enslaved by Viktor, for unknown reasons.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Lucian's mother gave birth to a seemingly human infant, later revealed to be the first Lycan, in the early 13th century. Upon the discovery, the Vampire Elder Viktor was summoned to the holding pens to observe this phenomenon. Lucian's mother was shown crouching over her newborn, protecting him. Unfortunately, Viktor coldly shot her with a crossbow, killing her instantly. He nearly killed her infant son as well, but because he was curious as to what he would become, Viktor spared the child, naming him Lucian.


  • It is unclear how Lucian's mother came to give birth to the first Lycan. One popular theory is that Lucian's mother was pregnant when she was bitten by a Werewolf, somehow causing the virus to mutate within her unborn child.
  • According to DVD commentary by Michael Sheen included in the special features of Rise of the Lycans, Lucian never found out that Viktor was the one who killed his mother, thus giving him something in common with Selene (who, until the events of Underworld, was unaware that Viktor slaughtered her family). In the novelization, however, Lucian does know Viktor killed his mother and is fully aware he could do the same to him.
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