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[Luka's] companion was of less noble birth, being merely a petite, redheaded chambermaid by the name of Malvina. A plain linen kirtle denoted her lowly status but showed off her feminine charms nonetheless. The delicate fragrance of the woman's perfume sweetened the fetid atmosphere.

Rise of the Lycans novelization, chapter 10

Malvina is a Vampire chambermaid, an attractive but low ranking member of the Vampire Coven; a member of the domestic household of Castle Corvinus. She was known to be very sensual and promiscuous. She appears only in the Rise of the Lycans novelization.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Following Lucian's whipping and imprisonment, Sonja was desperate to see for herself that Lucian had survived her father's brutal punishment. She arranged for her personal lady-in-waiting, Luka, and Malvina, a lower-ranking chambermaid, to lure away the two Death Dealers guarding the way into the Lycans dungeons. While Luka did this request out of loyalty to her mistress, Malvina was 'convinced' by Sonja to do so with a generous bribe. While Sonja did not tell either of them the true nature of the bond between her and Lucian, Malvina, it seemed, suspected something.

She is most likely to have been amongst the many Vampires that were slaughtered when the Lycans and feral Werewolves overran the fortress.


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