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Moon Collars (or Moon Shackles) were employed by the Budapest Coven during Viktor's attempt to harness the Lycans as Immortal slave labor for the Vampires. They were created after the birth of the first Lycan, Lucian, and were used during the following two centuries, until the Vampires lost control of Castle Corvinus. After the Lycans took control of the castle, the Vampires no longer held Lycan slaves and had no use for the moon collars.

The collars were designed with silver spikes on the inside of the front of the collar, pricking and scratching the skin of the neck of the Lycan wearing the collar. This was done to prevent Lycans from undergoing "The Change," becoming their Werewolf form. Highly allergic to silver, the Lycans could not take on their bestial forms so long as the silver from the collars was embedded in their skin, making them less threatening to the much weaker Vampires.

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