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The Mountain Village is a small town that appears in Underworld: Evolution. It is located somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains.

Underworld: Evolution

In 1202, the Vampire Elders and their army of Death Dealers are able to track the first Werewolf, William Corvinus, to this sleepy village. By the time the Vampires arrive on the scene, William has killed all of the villagers. The Death Dealers immediately begin burning the bodies of the deceased humans, while the Vampire Elders watch over them. Before they can burn many of the bodies, the deceased humans begin to turn into Werewolves. Within minutes, the Vampires are overwhelmed by the sheer number of newly turned beasts and several Death Dealers are killed.

Vampires and werewolves fighting in the village

William is discovered in the nearby woods just outside of the village, and Vampire Elder Amelia rides to capture him. Despite the attempts of Viktor to keep him in the dark, Marcus Corvinus becomes aware of his twin brother's capture, and he angrily confronts the other two Elders. At that point, Viktor and Amelia betray Marcus, turning back on their promise that William would be unharmed and would be placed into Marcus's care. William is locked away in a prison for the rest of his life, while the village is presumably burned to the ground once the Vampires are able to defeat and contain the Werewolves presence. Whether any of the villagers survived in their Werewolf form is unknown.

That night has a resounding impact on the relationship between the Vampire Elders, marking the start of Viktor's removal of power from Marcus.


  • According to the film maker's commentary, the village was actually filmed near a ski resort.
  • Behind the Scenes pictures reveal that Kraven and Soren are also involved in the fight with William's spawn.


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