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Nurse Sebastian is a minor character mentioned in Underworld: Awakening. She was the wife of Detective Sebastian and a Vampire.


Sebastian's wife worked as a nurse, at some point falling in love with Detective Sebastian and marrying him. One day, while working a shift, she was bitten by a Vampire and became one herself. In spite of this, Detective Sebastian stood by his wife and they continued to live together for a few years, keeping her condition a secret. It is unknown if she continued working as a nurse during this time.

Unfortunately, the Purge then began after the existence of Vampires and other Immortals became common knowledge amongst humans. Federal forces began conducting door-to-door checks, looking for anyone who was 'Infected' and came to the Sebastians' house. Knowing her secret would be discovered and she would likely suffer a painful death at the hands of the federal forces, and that her husband would likely be punished for harboring an 'Infected', Nurse Sebastian chose to sacrifice herself, telling Sebastian she loved him before opening the curtains, exposing herself to sunlight and burning to death before Sebastian's eyes.

Underworld: Awakening

Sebastian tells Selene about his wife when she questions why he wants to help her. Sebastian's continued love for his wife and grief over her death led to him sympathizing with Immortals, in particular Vampires, and is his motivation for helping Selene to stop Antigen after discovering that Lycans run it.


Not much is known of Nurse Sebastian's personality traits, but given her actions, she was a compassionate and selfless woman, who loved her husband dearly. She was willing to give her own life to protect Sebastian, demonstrating she also had a great deal of courage, to willingly expose herself to sunlight. Her decision to work in nursing further indicates she was a caring woman who wanted to help others.


  • Nurse Sebastian is somewhat comparable to the Vampire Sonja, in that they were both involved in 'forbidden' relationships (Sonja had fallen in love with a Lycan, Lucian) and both died via sunlight in front of the man they loved. However, while Sebastian's wife willingly chose to die to save her husband, Sonja was executed by order of her own father, Viktor. Both women's husbands went on to fight to avenge their deaths.
  • Detective Sebastian's wife's name is given as Nurse Sebastian in the Underworld card game, which would indicate that Sebastian is their family name.
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