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The blonde was Olga. The brunette was Gurshenka. Or perhaps it was the other way around.

—Narration from Underworld: Evolution novelization

Olga was a Vampire who was one of two lovers of Andreas Tanis, the other being Grushenka. She appears in Underworld: Evolution. She is listed in the cast list as "Tanis Vamp #2".


After being banished in the 1700s by the Vampire Elder Viktor, Andreas Tanis seeks to make his life more comfortable by making trades with the Lycans, most specifically, their leader Lucian. At some point, Tanis comes across two women, Olga and Grushenka. It is likely that they were gifted to him by Lucian somehow. The three live together in the Monastery, engaging in bloody orgies. Despite their time together, Tanis is not sure which of them is Olga, and which is Grushenka. It is stated that Tanis likely tried to turn several women for use as consorts, but most of whom died in the process.

Underworld: Evolution

During one of their threesomes, the monastery's alarm begins to sound, tripped by the Death Dealer Selene and her Hybrid companion, Michael Corvin. Tanis tries to have the pair killed by the Lycans guards gifted to him by Lucian. When that fails, he sends Olga and Grushenka to kill Selene before she can reach him. Being stronger and more well trained than either of Tanis's lovers, Selene kills both of them quickly. Olga's head is broken open on a wall during the short fight.

Later, Tanis disposes of the bodies of Olga and Grushenka in the Lycan lair, hoping to use their bodies as food for the Lycans that guarded the monastery.


  • When Tanis dumps the bodies of Olga and Grushenka into the Lycan lair, he thinks to himself that he will miss both their company and their bodies; the latter much more than the former.
  • When the first trailer for Evolution was released, many fans mistook Olga for Erika from the first film.


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