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Pier 9 is the place where Michael and Selene were to meet up at the beginning of Underworld: Awakening. Before Selene and Michael could flee the country, IPU SWAT teams track them down, and the two are knocked into the water and separated.

Twelve years later, after Selene escapes from Antigen and goes in search of Michael, she revisits Pier 9, believing that only a few days had passed. When she sees the abandoned pier, an officer tells her that the pier was closed for a long time, and she realizes she has been in a coma for "more than a decade."


  • Given the location of previous events in the Underworld series, it is likely that Pier 9 is located along the Danube River.
  • It's unknown where Michael and Selene were planing to go if they succeeded in taking the ship.
  • It's never explained why Michael and Selene got separated before arriving at the Pier 9, but it was likely a change of script, since Scott Speedman wasn't replaying his role as Michael in Underworld: Awakening.


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