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Pierce was a Lycan under the command of Lucian. He appeared in Underworld.


Pierce is one of Lucian's lieutenants, who also pretends to be a Hungarian police officer along with his partner, Taylor. Lucian argues with Pierce and Taylor when they are discovered fighting each other for entertainment. He and Taylor are later assigned to capture Michael Corvin, a human of great interest to the Lycans. They first go to the hospital where Michael works, but are told by a coworker that he is not present. Undeterred, the pair wait for Michael's return, and are soon informed that he is back at the hospital. They attempt to capture him, but Michael sees them coming and flees.

Later, Pierce and Taylor are part of a group of Lycans assigned to follow the Death Dealer Selene, who they hope will lead them to Michael. They follow her to a Vampire safe house and capture Michael as Selene partakes in a fierce gun battle with the other Lycans.

When Michael is returned to the Lycan den, Pierce becomes irritated with him and punches him, causing Lucian to become angry. After Pierce leaves the room, Lucian apologizes to Michael for Pierce's poor manners.

Pierce and Taylor go to the entrance of the Lycan den when they become aware that Selene has led a group of Death Dealers to attack the Lycans, and are blown up by a grenade thrown by Vampire Weapons Master Kahn.


Pierce is a violent, short tempered and aggressive Lycan. He seems to regard humans as little more than food, like his partner Taylor.


  • Richard Cetrone was also a stunt double and fight coordinator for both Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.
  • Pierce seems to have a short temper, as he is quick to punch Michael in Lucian's presence when Michael struggles while he attempts to take a sample of his blood.
  • Vampire regent Kraven later slips and falls into Pierce's entrails while trying to escape from the Lycan lair.
  • Though Pierce and Taylor are both supposed to be naked in the scene where Lucian catches them fighting each other for sport, Pierce can be seen wearing blue shorts at the very bottom of the screen.
  • Lucian is shown to have little regard for Pierce and Taylor's behavior, chastising them at the beginning of the movie for their fighting and later when Pierce gets rough with Michael.


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