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This article contains quotes and extracts from through-out the franchise about/pertaining to Raze.

Underworld official bio

250 pounds of Lycan horror, Raze thrives on murderous intent and vengeful passion for the justice owed to his kind. He is the enforcer of the Lycan regime, a gladiator type warrior with a refined knowledge of guerrilla warfare that only comes from decades of Underworld battle experience. He is part of an elite task force hunting humans, one of which may prove to be the key to an unimaginable evolution.


  • "BLOOOOODS!!!"
  • "We were ambushed: Death Dealers, three of them."
  • "AG rounds. High content. Preventing him from making the Change."
  • "No. I mean, I don't think so."
  • "I'm not sure."
  • "Lucian!"

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

  • "It's a curse!"
  • "They turned us into... like you?"
  • "I would die first."