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Sabas was a Lycan slave who appears in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Sabas is a slave to the Vampires, overseen by the Vampire Elder Viktor. When his friend Xristo is whipped by the Vampire overseer Kosta for taking a break, a fellow Lycan named Lucian saves him, and a friendship soon forms between the three. Sabas and Xristo are well known and agree to help Lucian in a revolt, freeing the Lycans from the Vampires. Under Lucian's orders, he and Xristo release the slaves in the first revolt.

Similar to Xristo, Sabas does not fully trust the Vampire princess Sonja to not reveal to her father the hiding place of the escaped Lycans. However, he is unwilling to speak up against Lucian, who is having an affair with Sonja. Despite his pleas to the contrary, Xristo tells Lucian of their distrust for Sonja, but his words are ignored by the Lycan leader. Later, Sabas's lack of trust in Sonja is proven false, as the Vampire princess fights with and is condemned to death by her father, Viktor. When the Lycans attack the Vampires' castle with the help of the local Werewolves, Sabas and Xristo fight together and survive.

Though Sabas is alive at the end of Rise of the Lycans, his fate by the time of the events of Underworld and Underworld: Evolution is unknown.

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