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I tried to swerve, but he hit us anyway. He sent us into the oncoming lane. When I came to, I realized that part of the engine was in the front seat, and she was pinned there, six inches from me, in this horrible position. I think she was in shock, she just kept asking me over and over again if I was alright. She was more worried about me. You know, if I'd known then what I know now, I could have saved her... stopped her bleeding, treated her for shock and trauma... there is no doubt in my mind about that. Instead, she died right there, not two minutes before the ambulance arrived.

—Michael Corvin, on Samantha’s death and why he came to Budapest

Samantha is the late-fiancée of Michael Corvin. She is never seen physically in the films, she is only mentioned or seen in a photograph in Underworld.


The two lived in New York until Samantha was tragically killed in a freak car accident, several years prior to the events of Underworld. Her death lead to Michael, (already a medical student at the time), to get his medical degree major as a trauma surgeon, after which he relocated from Long Island, New York, to Budapest, Hungary, less than a year prior to the events of Underworld for a fresh start.


The only proof of Samantha's existence in the original theatrical version of the film was a couple of photos of her and Michael together, found by Selene, while the Death Dealer is searching Michael's apartment. In the extended cut of the film, Michael tells Selene the story of Samantha's death, and his decision to specialize as a trauma surgeon when he became a doctor due to his helplessness in the situation. Michael's decision to keep a photograph of Samantha in his apartment years after her death implies that he still has feelings for her.


  • Ildikó Kovács is the wife of Danny McBride, one of the film's three writers. She is credited as "Michael's Old Girlfriend".
  • According to the Underworld novelization, the car crash where she died occurred in New Haven[1].
  • In Greg Cox's novelization of the film, he wanted to call her "Lisa," but the filmmakers told him to name the character "Samantha". There is, however, one point in the book where this was forgotten and the edit was not made, and Samantha is, in fact, referred to as "Lisa."
  • Samantha is briefly referenced to in the Evolution novelization[2].
  • Both of Michael's love interests, Selene and Samantha, have names beginning with 'S' - he was also involved in a car accident with both of them.


  1. "Was it just [Michael's] imagination, or had he actually succeeded in slowing the girl's rapid blood loss? For a split second, he was mentally transported back to a lonely roadside in New Haven, watching another young woman slowly die right before his eyes..." Underworld novelization, chapter 2
  2. "Michael was surprised by the intensity of his feelings. He had known Selene for less than a week, yet already he couldn't imagine going on without her. Selene was nothing like Samantha, the fiancée he had lost so many years ago. Yet somehow he felt closer to her than he had to any woman since Sam's death." ~Evolution novelization, chapter 8
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