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The Silver Mine is a location that only appears in the non-canon novel, Blood Enemy. It was a mine owned by the Vampires, who used the silver within it to create weapons to combat wild Lycans, as well as to keep their servants in line.

Blood Enemy

After the death of his lover, Sonja, the enraged Lycan servant Lucian rallied the other Lycan slaves to his cause, starting a revolt against the Vampires. The Lycans were able to attack the workers at the silver mine, taking it over and stopping the export of silver for the Vampires' weapons.

Not content to see their prized mine wrested away from them, the Vampires retaliated by sending an army of Death Dealers to take back the mine. The Death Dealers were successful, killing most of the Lycans and running the remaining ones into the forest. During the fight, Lucian retreated into the interior of the mine, stalked by Nicolae, the former fiancé of Sonja. Nicolae taunted Lucian regarding Sonja's death, enraging the Lycan so much that he shifted into his Werewolf form without the aid of the full moon for the first time. Lucian then quickly slaughtered Nicolae, and abandoned the mine.

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In Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Casmir Janosh owned the largest silver mine in the area surrounding Castle Corvinus.

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