This article contains notable quotes from Sonja.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

  • "Have you nothing better to do, Blacksmith, than play with weapons of war? At least make yourself useful."
  • "I needed no saving!"
  • "I am quite capable of looking after myself."
  • "And why, Father, is my risk any greater than theirs?"
  • "Lucian, promise you will never use it. Please!"
  • "What have you told my Father?"
  • "And if I were to leave you my seat?
  • "Father, I love him!"

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (comic)

  • "Yes, Father. Yes, we should."
  • "When I want your opinion, guard, I shall ask for it."
  • "I needed no saving, Father. I can take care of myself."
  • "I am a Warrior, Father. Why should their risk be any greater than mine?"
  • "Father, I do not share your desire for politics. I am a Warrior, and I choose to live my life as one. Not waging "war by other means" in shadowed courts and private chambers."
  • "Blacksmith... This is madness."
  • "Still, they are Flesh of your Flesh."
  • "Yes. Our Vampire Hypocrisy does run deep."
  • "What would it take for the bondage to end so we could truely be free? Or perhaps hope is only for humans, whose mortal lives are so fleeting that hope is all they have... Sometimes I wonder, Blacksmith... Dare we hope?"
  • "Our relationship is a precarious one, my Love. If I slacken my responsibilities in any way, some might suspect."
  • "You should not have come back. You were free. My Father knows about us."
  • "I do not want to kill you, Father. Call off your men for my sake... and for that of your grandchild."
  • "Then forgive me, Father, for what I do now, I do in the name of Love."
  • "I would have told them anyway. I will keep our love a secret no longer."
  • "Stop. You were right. To be enslaved like an animal--separated because you are different--no one should live like that."
  • ""Failed?" No... you have freed me. Freeded me to make my own choices. A choice born out of love... Not Fear."
  • "I have saved this Coven many times over."
  • (Last words) "Goodbye, my Love. They may destroy my body, but my Soul will love you forever."
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