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The Tati Hotel is a small hotel in Paris seen during the events of Underworld: Endless War part III.

Underworld: Endless War

The hotel is frequented by Krandrill and his harem of female Lycans prior to and during the events of Endless War part III. Seeking revenge for the deaths of both his brothers at the hands of Selene, Krandrill, having heard of her "Hell-Wolf" lover, Michael Corvin, has brought himself to Selene's attention again at some point in 2006, with the intention of luring Selene and Michael into an ambush with his harem, and killing Michael in front of Selene in an act of spite and payback.

With a tip from a female informant working as a security guard at the Tati Hotel, Selene and Michael both converge on the hotel, having split up to cover more ground. However, Krandrill catches Michael's scent and is prepared, while Selene is still a distance away. When Michael bursts into the hotel, he is greeted by a transformed Krandrill and his harem, all armed.

Michael fighting Krandrill.

An IPU sniper spots the disturbance, but as he is calling it in, Selene snaps his neck. Inside Michael fights Krandrill and eventually overpowering the Lycan sending him through a window on the upper floor, and before he starts to fall he is tackled by Selene, who sends him down onto a car, landing in the street outside before finally finishing him off.

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