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Taylor is a Lycan under the orders of Lucian. He appears in Underworld.


Taylor is one of Lucian's lieutenants, who also doubles as a Hungarian police officer. Lucian reproaches with Taylor and a second Lycan named Pierce when they are caught fighting each other for entertainment, the sound of which attracts the attention of a Death Dealer named Selene.

Taylor and Pierce are assigned to capture Michael Corvin, a human who carries the dormant Corvinus Strain. Lucian sends Pierce and Taylor to Saint Istvan Hospital, where they ask about Michael's whereabouts. Initially, they leave empty handed, but they are later called back by an intern named Adam Lockwood who thinks Michael is acting strangely. Michael disappears and the Lycans give chase, but he manages to elude them. When Michael later jumps out the window of a Vampire safe house to avoid a firefight between several Lycans and the Death Dealer Selene, Pierce and Taylor kidnap him and force him to ride in their police car. Michael begun changing into his wolf form, so they pull over and inject him with enzyme to prevent the transformation.

When Viktor and the Death Dealers storm into the Lycan's underground base, both Pierce and Taylor are eventually killed by a silver nitrate grenade thrown by the Vampire Weapons Master Kahn.


Taylor is a rather rowdy and scrappy Lycan, who regards humans as little more than food.


  • While trying to escape from the Lycan lair, the Vampire regent Kraven slips and falls into the blown up entrails of Pierce and Taylor.


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