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Display up to six tabs. Odd-numbered arguments are pages to link to in the tabs. Even-numbered arguments are display names for the preceding page. If an even-numbered argument is blank, then the page will display with the default name.

On mobile browsers, a Subage navigation: header appears followed by a bulleted list, rather than tabs.


{{tabs|Template:Tabs||Template:Quote||Underworld Wiki|Main Page}}

yields (check both desktop and mobile view to see differences)

Comparison to <tabview>


  • Looks better on mobile browsers.
  • The edit button shows you the page content, instead of the <tabview> links page.
  • Should fail more gracefully if the user does not have JavaScript or CSS enabled.
  • This template works with the new image galleries, while <tabview> does not.
  • Simpler; this template is simply an unordered list with custom styling in Wikia.css.


  • Requires an edit to the site’s global CSS to work.
  • Switching between tabs on a JavaScript-enabled desktop browser is slower, since it requires a new page to load, rather than replacing the page content using JavaScript.

Other differences

  • With this template, clicking the current tab does nothing. When using <tabview>, the current tab is actually an un-styled URL and clicking it reloads the page.
  • Using this template, subpage titles and categories show up instead of those of the main page. The page title will be, for example, “Michael Corvin/Quotes” instead of “Michael Corvin” when on the quotes page.