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This article contains quotes and extracts from through-out the franchise about/pertaining to Thomas.

Underworld: Awakening

  • (In Russian, to David) "Again, you break my rules... Why?"
  • (In Russian, to David) "And for this you compromise our safety?"
  • (To Selene) "Do you think I'm foolish enough to take you at your word. 'No reason' to fear the Death Dealer who fell in love with a Lycan, and murdered two of our Elders. And at every turn has betrayed her own kind."
  • (To Eve) "You distrust me. Of course you do, I've made you feel unwelcome, and for that, I'm sorry. Aah, those eyes, they're special. I know exactly what you are..."
  • (To David) "Between the first and second Purges, Lycan youth rallied in the same way, against the prudence of their elders, their calls for violence action carry today, the result, the werewolves are nearly extinct. Is that what you wish for us? Extinction?"
  • "Everybody to the shelter, now!"
  • "Do as I say, go, go! Pay heed! To me!"
  • "Have you lost sense! Stop this now!"
  • (To Selene) "We've lived safely for years, and now, you've brought humans into this Coven. They want the girl, and they will stop at nothing to get her back!"

Underworld: Blood Wars