• I checked the subtitles in Blood Wars; the three places that Marius mentions are Volhynia, Nordgau and Thuringia. Volhynia is most likely Volhynie in North-Western Ukraine, Thuringia is in East-Central Germany, I can't get anything for Nordgau at the moment. The locations seem to be linked to the strategy that the arguing Lycans were discussing; the idea of 'wedging in' the Vampires so it's possible that Nordgau could be a location in perhaps Romania or Serbia as this would create a three-pronged attack with very narrow routes of escape for any Vampires :) I'll keep trying to find seomthing on Nordgau :)

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    • Are those three places locations of vampire covens/destroyed vampire covens?

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    • The film (even when using subtitles) isn't very specific; Marius implies that there was some kind of Vampire presence in these locations, he also comments on whole regions having been wiped out so it's unclear as to whether there was a single coven in each of the these locations or whether the locations were areas which contained a number of Vmapire covens and as such were some of the more strongly defended of the Vampire territories.

      I've also discovered why we might have had such trouble working out the potential meaning of Var Dohr; the Nordic Coven are speaking a Sami dialect (mentioned in one of the special features), a lesser known group of languages that exist in the arctic circle (mainly in the northern parts of Norway, Finland and Sweden and the Kola penninsula in Russia, according to wikipedia) :)

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    • Awesome, thanks Rockchick! :) I guess your DVD finally arrived. :)

      I'll have to look into some of that... I wonder if we can find a meaning for Var Dohr now. Hmm... And I should add those locations to the map... There's lots of information to add to the wiki if I ever stop being lazy.

      The location of the Sami languages is interesting. I already thought that the Nordic Coven was in Norway or far western Sweden, but the language map on Wikipedia excludes southern Norway. There are also arguments to be made based on where passenger rail lines run, but I don't know if rail lines in the Underworld universe exactly match our world. For that matter, maybe the Sami languages are more widespread in the Underworld universe. It's easy to overthink these things... :P

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