• Vampire The Masquerade V5 the tabletop role playing game is coming this month. I’m still thinking whether I should buy it. I’ve only played the PC game Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. Its universe, called the World of Darkness (WOD), is so intriguing!

    In the game, there are vampire clans, each clan possessing unique attributes and powers, Malkavian, Ventrue, Tremere, Toreador...


    I’ve been thinking, what if Underworld and the WOD collide? Which clan would Selene belong to? Brujah?

    Viktor might be Ventrue. Ventrue is a royal and regal clan, and Viktor is a powerful and cunning vampire lord. He definitely has the vibe of a monarch.

    Markus? I’m thinking of Gangrel, animalistic shapeshifters, ferocious, independent.

    Amelia? Definitely Toreador! She’s so mesmerising!

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    • I asked myself the same thing. I played only the videogame, I love it.

      Selene: Brujah. 

      Erika: Toreador. 

      Kraven: Ventrue. 

      Viktor: Ventrue or Brujah. 

      Sonja: Brujah. 

      Tanniss: Nosferatu or Tremere. 

      Marcus: Ventrue or Grangrel. 

      Amelia: Ventrue or Toreador.

      David: I dont know, I have to rewatch the fourth movie. 

      Lena: Tremere or Brujah. 

      Semira: Ventrue.

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