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Trix was a Lycan lieutenant in Lucian's army. He is seen at the beginning of Underworld.


Trix and a fellow Lycan, Raze, are dispatched by Lucian to trail a human named Michael Corvin, in the hopes that his blood contains the dormant Corvinus Strain. The pair follow Michael down into a nearby train station, unaware that they are being followed by three Death Dealers. Raze senses the presence of the Vampires, and suddenly a shootout begins between them. Trix is able to shoot and kill Rigel, one of the Vampires, with his ultraviolet bullets. Trix then shoots at Selene but hits a innocent woman who cowers nearby. Michael rushes to help the woman. Trix darts out from hiding to grab Michael and drag him away, but is shot by one of the Death Dealers, Selene. He flees into a secluded area of the subway, where he digs the bullet from his flesh. Before he can get far, however, Trix tries to use the dark tunnels as an ambush to try killing Selene but the Death Dealer spot him and quickly shoots him. To finish the kill, she stomps on his chest and empties her gun clip into him. Selene discovers the UV bullets in Trix's gun, and returns to Ördögház with them, where testing is started to discover the nature of the ammunition.

Later, Raze discovers Trix's dead body and carries him back to the Lycan den in the hopes of reviving him. A fellow Lycan, Singe, tries to tend to Trix's wounds, but concludes that the silver from the bullets has already penetrated his organs, making regeneration impossible.


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