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Count Ulrik was a member of the upper ranks of the Vampire Coven, holding the title of a Count among the Vampires, during the events of Rise of the Lycans. He is only depicted in the novelization; apparently, Ulrik was also a member of the Vampire Council.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (novel)

In the climax of the novelization, when during the final battle, when the Werewolves storm the castle, Ulrik, as well as Lord Coloman, Lady Orsova, and Luka, was among the civilian members of the Coven who were sheltering in the Great Hall, along with the other members of the Vampire Council, when the feral Werewolves start to break through the Hall's thick oak doors.

Even though he, along with the rest of the council, was supposed to be presenting "an image of strength and confidence to their terrified flock", Ulrik's cowardice was clearly evident[1]. When the Werewolves break through the doors and Luka is killed, Ulrik tries to follow Lady Orsova's example of taking her own life rather than fall prey to the Werewolves by taking his dagger to stab himself through his heart, but "could not bring himself to do more than prick his chest", before a Werewolf kills him.


  • Ulrik's name is a variant of "Ulric," which means "power of the wolf," which is ironic since Ulrik is killed by a Werewolf.
  • Ulrik is not a Pure-Born; in the novelization he is seen by Coloman crossing himself, "calling upon the mercy of a God [he] had not thought of for many Human lifetimes."[2] Since Pure-Borns are not raised to follow Christ, Ulrik had to have once been human.


  1. "Count Ulrik looked as if he was ready to bolt from the chamber at any moment." ~Rise of the Lycans novelization, chapter 24
  2. "Glancing about the crowded hall, Coloman saw that many Vampires, who had long ago disgarded their mortal faith, were now feverishly crossing themselves and calling upon the mercy of a God they had not thought of for many Human lifetimes. He caught Ulrik doing the same." ~Rise of the Lycans novelization, chapter 24
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