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Underworld was a 2016 mobile video game based on the films Underworld: Awakening and Underworld: Blood Wars.[3] It is a collectible card game where the player is able to fight other players using Vampires, Lycans, and humans.

The game was officially released on October 11, 2016[4] and soft-launched earlier in 2016. It was discontinued on October 31, 2017.[5]


There are seven Champions: Selene, David, Semira, Quint, Marius, Gregor, and Detective Sebastian. Each Champion has their own set of cards. The player starts out with Selene, and can unlock additional Champions as they progress in rank by winning matches; other Champions must be purchased with in-game coins.


When starting a match, the player selects one of their available Champions. Three or four cards are drawn randomly, and the player has the option to choose cards to redraw. Once both players have chosen Champions and redrawn cards if desired, the match begins. Players take turns attacking or retreating using their available units and “fangs,” points which can be used to activate cards. Cards can provide additional fighters, damage the enemy, or perform other effects. During the match, players gain experience which can be used to level up. Once one of the Champions is killed, the match ends.

Each player has a home zone and they are separated by a battle zone. Fighters can perform close-range attacks and ranged attacks. Ranged attacks do not reach far enough to attack from one home zone to the other.

As players wins matches, they gain rank and collect more cards. With enough cards, players can build custom decks.

Both players have 30 cards in their deck. You can tap and hold on either deck (yours or your opponent’s) to see how many cards remain. You can have a maximum of ten cards in your hand at a time.

Currently, there is a total 571 cards.


You start at rank 20 and head toward rank 1. Your rank is increased by winning matches against opponents. You earn one star for every victory. When you have enough stars, your Rank increases. After Rank 15, you also lose one star every time you lose a game. Your Rank never drops below 15. Each win +1 star. Each lose -1 Star. Draw +0

After having 5 stars at rank 1 and winning a battle, you reach the Elder rank with number from 1 to 200. Those are the current best players in the world.

The Season ranking reset at the end of each month.

Rank Name Stars Pack End-of-season Reward Notes
20 Brave 2 Steel (3 hours, 2 cards) Unlock SELENE champions pack (3 seconds )
19 Courageous 2 Steel Unlock QUINT champions pack (4 hours)
18 Combative 2 Steel
17 Confident 2 Steel Unlock GREGOR champions pack (12 hours)
16 Fearless 2 Steel
15 Feral 3 Bronze (4 hours, 3 cards) Unlock DAVID champions pack (12 hours)
14 Vicious 3 Bronze 25 gold
13 Lethal 3 Bronze 50 gold
12 Deadly 3 Bronze 75 gold
11 Skilled 3 Bronze 100 gold
10 Brilliant 4 Silver (6 hours, 4 cards) 125 gold
9 Steadfast 4 Silver 150 gold
8 Scornful 4 Silver 175 gold
7 Enraged 4 Silver 200 gold
6 Determined 4 Silver 225 gold
5 Dangerous 5 Gold (8 hours, 5 cards) 250 gold
4 Menacing 5 Gold 275 gold
3 Inspiring 5 Gold 300 gold
2 Intimidating 5 Gold 325 gold
1 Relentless 5 Gold 350 gold
ELDER ELDER Gold 1000 gold Global rank is shown 1-200 in red
End of Season Rank 1 Relentless 350 gold 31 oct 2016.png
End of Season 2 Rank Elder -3 Relentless 1000 gold 30 nov 2016.png


BLOOD Get more blood by opening new card packs. With Blood you can choose a specific card and buy the card.

Common PURPLE cost 250 BLOOD

Rare GREEN cost 650 BLOOD

Epic RED cost 1500 BLOOD

Legendary BLUE cost 5000 BLOOD

Duplicate Cards in packs

Basic WHITE (All Basic Card come with the Champion)

Common PURPLE give 10 BLOOD

Rare GREEN give 50 BLOOD

Epic RED give 250 BLOOD

Legendary BLUE give 1250 BLOOD



Several characters from Underworld: Awakening and Underworld: Blood Wars have their own cards: Eve, Thomas, Jacob Lane, Olivia, Varga, Istvan, Hajna, Cassius, Dr. Lida, Edward Vronski, Nurse Sebastian, Lena, Vidar, Alexia, and Antigen’s CEO. Amelia is also mentioned in a “Portrait of Amelia” card—the same portrait that appears in Underworld: Blood Wars.

In addition, there is a card named Fabian.

Languauge support

The game is available to play in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Korean.[6]


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