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Welcome to the Underworld Wiki! Founded on November 17, 2007, the Underworld Wiki has now grown to include over 300 articles, covering the films, novels, comics, and video games.

Articles include character information, music pages and film synopses. This wiki aims to be as professional as possible, and to provide accurate information about all aspects of the franchise. The Underworld Wiki has forums, a chat room, blogs and polls for everyone to participate in and discuss anything they like.


Where does the Underworld Wiki get its information?

  • The primary source of information are the films themselves.
  • The official novelizations of the films also contain information, which is used unless it openly contradicts something in the films. This does not include Blood Enemy, which is a non-canon addition to the series.
  • Quotes from the cast and crew elucidate many aspects of the series.
  • Other sources of information considered to be official include the official websites for the films, the production notes and copies of the script.
  • Some information on the wiki is obtained through deductive reasoning. For example, Selene's age is calculated from dates given in the official novelizations of both Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, combined with statements made by Andreas Tanis in Evolution.

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