I've always wondered, what do you guys suppose the New World Coven is like in terms of appearance, traditions, history, perspectives and personalities of its members, and etc.?  Do you think the NWC survived the Purges? I know that the New World Coven has never been shown and not much is known about it other than what has been mentioned in the first film and novelization, and some of you may not be very imaginative.  Since we have seen a lot in the films in terms of the appearance of the Coven stronghold like Ordoghaz and the Eastern Coven, Coven hierarchy, and etc., so I'm sure you guys must have some thoughts on the idea.

I imagine the New World Coven stronghold in New York as either a mansion, estate, or a manor possibly in an Art-Deco design and has some American decor.  The NWC seems like it would be very modern, like the Eastern Coven, than some of the other Covens.  It wouldn't surprise me if the NWC have more open ideas about things and American ideals like their human counterparts.  What do you guys think?