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Vidar is a Nordic Vampire and the leader of the Nordic Coven. His daughter Lena is the Nordic Coven's greatest warrior. He is also one of the co-founders of the Nordic Coven, alongside the Vampire Elder, Amelia. He was the former Regent of the Nordic Coven before he became its official leader.

Underworld: Blood Wars

When Selene and David arrive at Var Dohr, the stronghold of the Nordic Coven, they meet Lena, the Nordic Coven’s greatest warrior. Lena takes the new arrivals to meet her father, Vidar, the leader of the coven. He tells David that the mother he never knew is none other than the now deceased Vampire Elder, Amelia. Vidar then gives him a silver sword that belonged to his father Thomas; even so, David refuses to believe it. He also tells David that Amelia had not wanted to leave him with his father but was left no other option as Viktor (or possibly Kraven on Viktor's behalf) had sent Semira and her troops to find Amelia.

Vidar with his daughter Lena

When David leaves, needing time to think things through, Vidar gives Selene a vial of his mother’s blood to give to him; the blood contains Blood Memories of the capture of the first Werewolf, William Corvinus and Amelia fighting alongside fellow Elders, Viktor and Marcus, proving to David that Vidar is telling the truth. The Blood Memories also include a recollection of David's birth. When Marius's Army attacks the Nordic Coven, Vidar fights back alongside his warriors. Vidar survives the Lycan attack on the Nordic Coven but is not seen fighting at the Eastern Coven.

Physical Description


Vidar is a relatively tall man with pale skin, blue eyes, and a bald head. He has tattoos on his back. In the graphic novel, he is able to change his form into a vampiric creature with black eyes due to the cocooning process.


Vidar wears a simple white robe and a dark robe.


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  • Vidar is named after the Norse god Vidar, the son of Odin and god of vengeance and forests who is fated to kill the great wolf Fenrir.
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